Two Puzzling Pieces

By Trudy A. Martinez

Did you ever meet two who were as different as night and day

Yet fit better together than not?


Here is just such a pair.

Two sisters with different color hair.

One blonde.  One brunette.

One with eyes of blue.

The other with eyes of brown.

One wears mostly a smile.

The other boasts mostly a frown.


Together they are like two fish in the sea,

Puckered up,

Looking for fun,

Playing make-believe.


They climb a special tree

And dangle with their cousin – – out on a limb;

Because Grama’s tree is their favorite place to be.

They’re sisters.

They are best friends.

They tell each other secrets when ever they can.

Sandra B.-

The eyes give a glimpse of a story.

No one else can hear.

It is a secret between two sisters.

A sound leaves the lips of one;

It goes into the ear of the other.

  Sandra B.

Once received, a lasting impression remains in all its’ glory

For everyone to see and wonder.

Why the wink?  Why a wide eye?  Why a grin?  Why the tongue on cheek?

My goodness!

What a juicy puzzle!

I’m left to wonder:  What can this secret be?

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BA degree in English with a single subject certification 1994 I enjoy writing, art (all forms), especially drawing/multi-media , quilting, sewing, embroidery, photography (still and video), and most of all, my grandchildren and great-grand-children.

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