Don’s Show in Las Vegas

Story-line by Trudy A. Martinez

The Las Vegas Marathon (2007)clip_image002

Here is what Don had to say about the Marathon race:

Copy of DSC07990 [A before the race photo]Photographer:  Grace Blanton

I have to admit – it feels good to have dropped 30 pounds these last six months by running and better diet.  Less weight – no white beard – people don’t think I’m 60+ anymore [I am only 46].  It had been 10 years since I last ran an organized race – which was [the] LA Marathon back in Mar 1997 [26.2 miles] . . . I only took up jogging again last May to lose weight.” Vegas Marathon Story“My Time for [the] 13.1 mile . . . [race] . . . in low 30 degree temps [was]: 1 hour 56 min 33 sec . . . my time is on page 13 of 83.  Not bad for old man.  My goal was to break 2 hours . . . 9 mile a minute pace . . . ended up with 8.54 pace. . . Now – the goal is to NOT to gain 30 pounds again!  Hard to do when you are naturally lazy like me!clip_image001” Don Blanton

5. And I'm NOT too old after all. They chased me to the end. [After the race photo]photographer: Charity Blanton

 The Las Vegas Marathon & Half Marathon

There are pictures at the Marathon web site.However, GramaTrudy personally likes the family style photos; they tell a more interesting story. You know how they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  And what is there to deny when the story is told in living color! 

 Check these photos out (and the story-line)! 1. I came by so fast the picture blurred

I came by the photographer, Charity Blanton, so-so fast  the picture got blurred. 2. Yes, that's my tounge hanging out. I am panting like a dog Yes, that is my tongue hanging out (click on photo to enlarge and get a better view).  I am panting like a dog.

 photographer:  Charity Blanton3. I finally passed them I finally passed them.  It took some doing.4. Just so I can say, it's not often I have women chasing after meJust so I could say, “It is not often I have  women chasing after me!” 5. And I'm NOT too old after all. They chased me to the end.

And I am not too old after all.  Those women chased me to the end.

photographer:   Charity BlantonNevertheless, truth be told, there was this one . . .clip_image002[6] who just would not give in . . .clip_image002[8] So like a gentleman, I let the lady go first. And as you can see . . . She’s a foot ahead of me when she hits the line!

[Note:  The photo story line was told by Don’s mother-in-law aka: Grama Trudy.  Since she was not able to attend the race herself, she drew her own conclusions from the photos that were presented to her for viewing – Trudy A. Martinez]

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