Wild Flowers of the Desert

California Golden Poppy
[Golden Poppy]
California poppy
[Yellow Poppy — Lancaster, CA]
Wild Daisy -- Utah

[Wild Daisy — Utah]
Desert Prickly Poppy -- Bristlecone Pine
[Desert Prickly Poppy — Bristlecone Pine]
Crimson Sheep Pod --Bristlecove Pine
[Crimson Sheep Pod]
Bristlecone Pine
[Bristlecone Pine]
Desert Apricot -- Lake Isabella
[Desert Apricot]
California Milk Weed -- Lake Isabella
[California Milk Weed — Lake Isabella]
Baby Blue-eyes -- Lake Isabella
[Baby Blue-eyes — Lake Isabella]
Palm Springs, CA
[Palm Springs, CA]
Palm Springs desert flower
[Palm Springs desert flower]
found in Palm Springs desert
[found in Palm Springs, CA]
Found at the Trona Pinnacles
[Found at the Trona Pinnacles]
African Violet -- Ridgecrest
[African Violet — Ridgecrest]
[Found in Johannesburg, CA]
Paper-Bac Bush Bladder Sage -- Garlock
[Paper-Bac Bush Bladder Sage — Garlock]
Desert Willow -- Ridgecrest
[Desert Willow — Ridgecrest]
Owl's Clover -- Visalia
[Owl’s Clover — Visalia]
Western Desert Penstermon
[Western Desert Penstemon]
Blue Jay -- Whitney Portals
[Blue Jay]
Beavertail Cactus -- Whitney Portals
[Beavertail Cactus — Whitney Portals]
Beavertail Cactus -- Whitney Portals
[Beavertail Cactus — Whitney Portals]
Beaver Tail Cactus -- Whitney Portals
[Beaver Tail Cactus — Whitney Portals]
Coulter's Thistle -- Short Canyon
[Coulter Thistle — Short Canyon]
California Poppy -- Kernville
[California Poppy — Kernville]
Mohave Sand Verbena -- Owens Lake
[Mohave Sand Verbena — Owens Lake]
Mariposa Tulip -- Owens Lake
[Mariposa Tulip — Owens Lake]
Leopard Lily -- Mammoth Lakes

[Leopard Lily]
Dwarf Monkey Flower -- Mamoth Lake
[Dwarf Monkey Flower]
Snow Plant -- Kennedy Meadows
[Snow Plant — Kennedy Meadows]
Felt (wooly) Paintbrush -- Kennedy Meadows
[Felt (wooly) Paintbrush — Kennedy Meadows]
Mojave Desert Mallow -- Fossil Falls
[Majave Desert Mallow — Fossil Falls]
Winecup Clarkia -- Delano
[Winecup Clarkia — Delano]
Wind Poppy -- Delano
[Wind Poppy — Delano]
Crimson Columbine -- Convict Lake
[Crimson Columbine — Convict Lake]

Let me introduce a character in my life.

The Poppy Master
Lancaster, CA 2010 Poppy Fields

This is Sparky.  I call him the “The Poppy Field Master”.    Sparky is such a beautiful dog. He looks so regal.  His black fur glistens from the refection off the golden poppies. He is quite a character.  He follows me around during the day occasionally stopping me dead in my tracts.  He will not move until I say, “Excuse me”.  I am on a short lease, so to speak.  He is in control; I am not.  All he has to do is step on the leash (the oxygen cord) and I am toast!  Being stubborn does not help, I must speak on his command–or die because when he steps on the cord, the air stops too!  He is too big to pick up and move.  If I try, he just looks up like Eeyore (Poo’s donkey friend) as if to say with his expression, “Do I have to?”  It is so much easier to just relent and say, “Excuse Me!”  He moves and only then.  You just got to love him.

I dreamt of vine ripe tomatoes, so I planted a pot garden this year.

A Tomato Plant
The Pot Garden

I love tomatoes and so does Sparky.  Perhaps, Sparky loves them a little too much.  As soon as the tomatoes start to turn red, it is a fight to get them before he does.  It is my fault he loves them so much.  I give them to him in exchange for tricks, a trick for treat.   On taller vines, I thought, “I will succeed.”  That was until a big black crow dove down and plucked a tomato from the vine.  Sparky let him do it! Dogs are watch dogs.  Right?  Sparky is literally a watch dog.  He watched.  He didn’t even bark!  Each of us has our fears.  I think Sparky fears those crows, because he goes the other way when they coame near.