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 Charity came home for Spring Break and was given the honor of performing a service for the Veterans.   Take note  of the elderly man in the orange baseball cap at the end of the performance as she leaves the stage.  He takes off his hat to her, sending my thoughts back to the days when that was standard practice.  What an honor.

Quote :  Charity Blanton, an Air Force Academy Cadet,  Sings “National Anthem”   at local event to honor Vietnam vets on March 27, 2010

YouTube – charity 3-27-2010.wmv

An Update on A Special Pair

Here is a picture of my grandson, Elijah.

varphoto011 His parents had the most used phone numbers coded in their phone.  The number to my phone was “2”.  While babysitting one night, I taught him to call my number and listen to my answering machine’s message.  I kept telling him to say “Hello, Grama” when the message stopped and he heard the ding.  He wouldn’t say it.  But we practiced calling my phone many times until he could call without my prompting him.

About a week later when I got home from classes, there were some  messages waiting for me.  I listened to the first; it was from my oldest daughter.  Then came the second.  Wow!  It was Elijah.  He said, “Hello Grama”.  There was a lot of noise in the background.  I could hear my daughter and her husband talking.  Don, my son-in-law, said, “Elijah, you are not suppose to play with the phone.”  Then there was a click.  Don had hung it up.  I immediately picked up the phone and called their house and told them I had a message from Elijah on my phone.  Of course, they did not believe me.  So I played it for them so they could hear for themselves.  With a little patience on the adult’s part, a child can learn to do things at a very early age.  This little incident is proof of that.

Here is a picture of Elijah now. DSC05624

He is no longer a boy; he is a young man, attending college.  When he was just a little guy,  I wrote some journal entries about him and his little sister, Charity.  The two were quite a special pair.

charity spanish0009 Charity Spanish 20001

elijah and charity on skis They played well together as evidenced by the photos above.

No Where To Run is an article I wrote about an adventure they had with my cat, Kit.  If you click on the title you can enjoy the adventure too.

In addition, Grama’s Birthday is an other article I wrote about both Elijah and Charity.  It was a joy when they both came to my house to deliver a present that brought with it a lasting joy for me and my cat.  Click on the title and enjoy the adventure too.

Charity has grown too.  Here is a picture of her holding a crab she found on the beach here in California.

Picture 194 She has turned into quite a soccer player too.  She guards the goal and stops the ball from entering.  She does a good job.  Before too long I plan to put some video clips of her doing just that.  Then you can judge for yourself.  In the meantime, there are some still shots.

Charity also sings.  The AV Beat On-line Magazine wrote an article about her in their magazine. They called her the”Singing Soccer Player”.   She sang often for the Jethalks here in Lancaster before games.   Here is a photo of her at the stadium.