The Life of a Rose

by Trudy A. Martinez


The Life of a Rose

The beauty of a rose is seen at its’ fullest.

The beauty of a life is seen at its’ end.

The pedal sings of its’ beauty

Through the touch of a hand,

Through the sniff of a nose,

A unique softness,

A sweet smell,

With a mere glimpse a haven unveils,

The beauty of a life is seen at its’ end.

Tales spring forth at the close,

Though a memory deposed,

Bringing forth an inter-beauty, Touching,

And caressing our soul,

Revealing a purpose,

As a departed lives on,

Conveying an ultimate plan,

The beauty of life begins again.

For a life at its’ fullest

Lives on in our hearts at the end.

Trudy A. Martinez




Dear Dad:

Pete & michael 50007

Pete & michael 50005

Pete & michael 50006

Dear Dad,

You went to be with the Lord December 31st, 2009. I spent New Year’s Day in remembrance of how great a Dad you were and how much I am going to miss you. When it came to us girls, your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren you were always patient and loving. You were always willing to help family, friends, co-workers, and even a stranger if in need. You taught me the gift of helping others to the best of my ability. In my eyes YOU WERE SELFLESS! At times it was hard to get you to open up; sometimes I had to work really REALLY hard to get you to talk without the typical yes or no answers. However, my efforts were greatly rewarded; we developed a close bond, the best relationship a Daughter could ever want. I love you Dad and I will miss you!

Love Always Your Daughter, Genevieve

P.S. Michael says I love you Papa.

If I could talk to my Dad this is what I would say. Do you remember Dad? I was just a teen and I wrote you that I think life is about finding happiness. You encouraged me on my quest to find it!! Well through the toils oflife experiences I found it in Christ. God our creator drew me to Him, forgave my sins, and set me free of the bondage of sin and death!

Christ has given me JOY which affords a greater meaning to happiness! He gives PEACE which surpasseth all understanding. He gives CONTENTMENT: the knowing He works all things to the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose. That path you sent me down became life giving.

But mostly DAD, I pray you found forgiveness in Christ and all that are here may also come to the feet of Jesus …. Dad, Immanuel gave me saving faith.

Family and friend have gathered in memory of you, I pray that through your death others may find eternal life through repentance and faith in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Your Loving Daughter, Grace

January 7,2010


I love you … You have always been there for me whenever I needed you the most. Through the years, I have learned that I am just like you in many ways, but so different too. And I loved and appreciated that about our relationship. Thank you for being my Dad in all the ways you knew how, for being there for me, and for allowing me to count on you in so many ways.

Love and Prayers always, Linda

Memorial Services for Pete C. Martinez, Jr.

 Pete C. Martinez, Jr.

Pete C. Martinez, Jr.

Oct. 01, 1938 – Dec. 31, 2009

  1. Memorial Service was held  Friday, Jan.  08, 2010 at 10:00 A.M. at V.F.W. Ship # 4084,  117 N. Alvord,  Ridgecrest, CA  93555 .  Service was followed by a procession to Desert Memorial Park, 801 S. San Bernardino County Line Rd., Ridgecrest, CA  93555 for Ash Burial and Honor Guard Service.

Emilie’s Miracle

By Trudy A. Martinez
 What shall I say about my best friend, my sister, Emilie Marquez?  Emilie asked if I would talk about our experiences together.  But which ones where left up to me?   We shared so many.  Starting back in 1958 the year she married Benjamin, it took two to tango, two to really get the feeling of romance.  In my eyes as ballroom dancers, they were romantics.  It was then Emilie danced her way into my heart.
More recently the concept of romantic was expanded.  My granddaughter, Sandra, wrote me an e-mail which started out with “Grama, you are such a romantic! I am so excited about coming to visit.”  Before I could scroll down, my mind raced.  What did I do now?  I didn’t even have a boyfriend.
Sandra went on to say, “Dad just told me Aunt Emilie is on her way to your house.  Please give her my love and tell her that I will be there soon to see her.   She is such a strong woman and I have always looked up to her.  My love and prayers are with you both.”
When I read the e-mail, Emilie was right at my side.  It was the middle of the night.  We were having a pajama party!  That was a treasured moment when Emilie smiled from ear to ear from the praise and love that was singing out to her from the words on the page.  My most treasured moments with Emilie were the most recent.
A few weeks before we were saying our goodbyes.  She was going to Florida to take up residence with Ronda, her daughter.  We had let go of our dream of living in the same town.
Then everything changed!  Her doctor said, “There is nothing more medically I can do for you.”  The hospital was releasing her.  She couldn’t fly to Florida as planned.  She was going to a nursing facility to die.
However, it was not her wish to die in a facility.  Once Ronda became aware of her wish, not to die in a facility, and the other options available to her, the wheels started grinding.  Emilie was on her way to Ridgecrest.
Just after Emilie’s arrival, I found out Emilie was fulfilling God’s Will.  This became apparent when she was sitting on a stretcher just inside my front door waiting for her bed to be set up.
She called me over and whispered loudly to me.  “It is a miracle, Trudy.  A miracle is happening.  I can’t explain what I mean.  I can see–I can’t explain how I feel inside, so different.  I love you.  I am so glad to be here.  I am so hungry.”  She was full of energy.
In the background, I could hear Tessa Loudmouth Roo (short for the rude kangaroo), my crazy dog, whining because she was locked in the bedroom and wasn’t able to properly greet Emilie on her arrival.  I could hear Ben or Tanya (her adult children) saying, ” She is blind.  She only sees shadows.”
Other things happened in the days to come that made me question her blindness.  There were the birds chirping just outside her window.  Emilie spoke of them as is she could see them fly from one limb to another..  I passed it off as her verbal descriptions were coming from her mind’s eye, her memories.  How else could it be explained?  She was considered legally blind.
When it was decided by the nurse in charge the bed that was delivered was not adequate, another was delivered to take its place.  Emilie was put in a wheel chair and wheeled into the dinning room, where Tanya (her second daughter) fed her a meal of mashed potatoes, gravy, and Swiss steak.  She became irritated and exclaimed loudly, ” Keep that fly away from my food!”
Tessa was whining again, but now it was because she wanted Emilie to hurry and finish eating so she could have the leftover and lick her plate.
To Em’s outcry Ben (her son) or Tanya said, “There is no fly!  You’re just seeing black spots.” Then Ben turned to see the fly that had landed right next to her plate.  “There is no way she could see that fly!  She is blind.”
Nevertheless, she saw the fly!  And later from her bed, she saw Ben, her son, walking up the walk in his green shirt.  She told everyone who it was before we were able to see for ourselves.
How can a blind person see?  I for one say she was no longer blind!  She could see not only with her eyes, but also with her heart.
At first it was difficult getting Emilie to accept she was not going to get up and stroll down the hall in the middle of the night.  Nevertheless she kept insisting.  She told me, “Well maybe I could remember I need to relax if I had a picture hanging on my wall that told me, “It is Time to Relax!”
To that I laughed.  I really think she had it all planned.  She was referring to a picture I had taken from the window of a moving bus in London, England of an old man sitting on a bench next to a big sign, which said, “It is Time to Relax.”  At the time I took the picture. my heart nearly jumped out of my chest.  I wanted to get off the bus right then and go out and help the poor man button his coat correctly.  Emilie knew that picture was hanging on my bedroom wall.  She wanted it on hers.  Of course, she got her way.  I brought it in and hung it up after she promised she would try to do what it said.
We both felt this picture reminded us of Ecclesiastes chapter 3 through chapter 12.  “To everything there is a season, a time to every purpose under the heaven.  A time to be born, and a time to die . . . Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter.  Fear God, and keep his commandments:  for this is the whole duty of man.  For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing whether it be good or whether it be evil.”
Emilie couldn’t sleep and neither could I., so we went to the Internet site, classmates.  And there viewed and read and remembered all the people we went to high school with and shared our remembrances of the familiar names.  Even her brother’s name was listed as Joe Jones to which I quickly changed to Joe Bones.  We laughed and giggled like we were teenagers again.
This task, along with the occasional licks from Tessa and the rubbing and purring from Kit (my cat) brought smiles to both our faces.  We had to check out our e-mail before we signed off.
There was another letter from Sandra.  She said she was drooling over her keyboard just thinking of what
Emilie had for breakfast.  Tamales!
We told her, “When you get our age you make your own decisions on what to eat and when and where and with whom.  Just wait and see.”  Emilie was dictating some of this letter as I typed and said it aloud.  She input the words into my mouth, fingers, and ears.
It was tomorrow already.  We started this e-mail yesterday, but the day slipped away in what seemed just minutes, just like our lives were passing before us in memories.
Emilie and I made plans for the next night and what we would do, but someone else had other plans.  she got new meds.  When it came time for us to start another pajama  party, she was sleeping.  Rhonda (Her oldest daughter) had been granted a good QUIET nights sleep on my couch without the loud laughs, giggles, and singing.  All our plans were put on hold.
We had planned to write a letter together to thank Sandra for the beautiful roses she had sent and the love expressed to Emilie in the words on the card.  But God gave Emilie the “Time to Relax”, so I had to do it for her.  We had planned to evaluate the news in the world and how it affects us as God’s chosen to be on watch as watchmen waiting for his final return.
How the deceptions of the devil’s work are so cleverly disguised as Christ’s when in actuality it is the work of the devil, the beast, or the antichrist.  Each picks away and tempts us to turn from the true Christ, our Lord, Jesus Christ (Who in us we are His).  We had been analyzing the concepts.
Emilie had asked if I would take her to Church.  I said, “We need not worry of gathering in a man-made building.  Instead, we as His elect, carrying the temple of God in Christ in us, have only to open our hearts to him and each other.  For through Christ, Our Lord and Savior, the corner-stone of our church within us, uses each of us to fulfill God’s Will, His Will, not our own.”
How if we are his brethren we are known by our fruits, and how (like the mustard seed) they (our fruits) grow when God’s elect join together to pray to Our Father Who Art in Heaven, asking as sinner’s to be allowed to fulfill His Will.
God’s Will leads to eternal life through our joining together in Christ (Our Cornerstone).  He is our foundation.  Emily and I joining together in prayer, through our hope and faith, which is in Jesus Christ, became His church.
And how, with the faith of that mustard seed, we as two disabled individuals were able to move mountains even when we were constantly reminded by everyone and by the world that we are unable to care for each other.
Through our love for each other and with the help of Tessa and Kit and the Ridgecrest Hospice Care, We have proved the world wrong.  Tessa stood guard during the day and met everyone, friend and foe, at the front gate.  Kit worked at night keeping watch over Emilie and waking me if Emilie woke during the night.
we needed only our faith, given us by God as a gift, to move the mountains.  God provides for the needs of His elect.  Emilie and I knew our gift from God, our faith, was moving that mountain to achieve His Will.  Because we love each other, we are known as brethren.  Through our faith in Him, as a gift from God (not of our own doing or through our own earnings by doing), and the work of the Holy Ghost in us, we were made able to move mountains and make our dreams and prayers come true.
The majority of the religious world feels their acts earn them the blessings of God.  They feel they earn the blessings of God of their own free will, making God a debtor who must reward them for their righteousness.  When in actuality we are all debtors because we are all sinners and because God’s word tells us “. . . We are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags, and we all do fade as a leaf, and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away (Isaiah 64:6).
I thought my cat, Kit,  had graced Emilie with something she had brought in from outside.  Anyways, she was running around her room, acting like a kitten and playing, trying to earn herself a reward.  I warned her not to bring any birds in here because Emilie has a perfect view of them out the window.  The chirping sound provides her a perfect view.  Her view is beautiful.
God does not have us work for His blessings.  God does not give rewards for our obedience, nor does he set a definite timetable for salvation.
Instead, good works and obedience reveals the Will of God.  Good works and obedience is the evidence and the fruits of a true living faith.  The children of God merely reveal their gratitude by glorifying God who has saved them by His Grace, by encouraging the brethren, and by their profession of the gospel.
Emilie left this world as she came in, beautiful (as a baby in Christ) nearly bald, with her blue eyes flashing the love she sees all around her.  I know she was in Christ by her ability to forgive.  The Lord had said to “love those who despite-fully use you and persecute you.”
Emilie had no hard feelings toward anyone, not even those who had wronged her.  She told me, “I love them.”  Only God can give one the ability to forgive completely and fully.  Emilie is one of His.
She greeted everyone that came to see her with open arms and a big smile and sometimes even a hug.  Pete (my former husband) almost got away without getting his hug.  I told him, “Em will be upset if you don’t put your hand on hers and say something.”  As soon as he did, her big blues came open, she sat up in bed, and she reached over for her hug.  Pete was surprised for she appeared to be sleeping.  But she was playing possum with her eyes closed.  I had told him, “She isn’t asleep.  She is just tired of looking at my ugly mug all the time.”
Emilie Marquez, my best friend and sister, passed away at the house we shared in Ridgecrest for just a short time.  Her passing was peaceful.  I will miss her greatly.  One of the last things she said to me was,  “Thank you, Trudy.  I love you.”
To which I answered, ” I should be thanking you.  I have been blessed by your presence here.”
She questioned, “Really?”
“Really,”  I answered.  “I love you too, now and forever.”  Emilie was a joy to the end.  I thank God for blessing me with such an honor.  Giving alone is not enough for as St Paul explains in Corinthians Chapter 13 “If I have not Charity, I am nothing.”
Galatians chapter 5:1-26 provides good reading if you are interested in what God wants for His elect to understand.
I pray everyone who reads this will come to know the Lord through His Word.  Thank you for reading or listening to what I have titled:  Emilie’s Miracle.