The Debate

The Debate 

The proposer of the motion approached “This House Believes the Woman’s Place is in the Home” as if playing a game of chess.  The possible moves of the opponent are carefully and logically considered, weighted, and countered, resulting in a checkmate.


The effort and preparation of the proposal, “This House Believes the Woman’s Place is in the Home”, is evident when the proposal is immediately given logic and reason, and expanded upon, i.e. , “The Woman’s Place is in the Home by Her Choice and only if she wants her place to be in the home.”  This maneuver limits the opponent’s move and creates a planned objective, an emotional response that weakens the opponent’s position. 


The possibility of losing ground and male superiority in the opposing position, the opponent takes a risk when he attempts to discredit and confuse the issue by interjecting emotional reactionary statements aimed at belittling the woman’s position and her spirit by implying she lives a life of leisure and of no importance, a lazy, unproductive existence of no worth.  (The opponent risks his pawns)  His response is a pure emotional response without merit or logic.  The opponent went on to justify his position by establishing a dollar and cent value as measurement of worth, a mere attempt to regain superiority.  (He therefore, jeopardizes position).


The initial tactic of the proposer of anticipating the move of the opponent and limiting the response, gave the opportunity of clearing up any misconceptions that might have been created by the opponent’s revengeful, outburst of emotion (Thereby, the proposer captures the opponent’s bishop.).  In addition, the proposer strengthens his own position by proceeding with reinforced logical, economical, and psychological issues in opposition. 


The strength gained left no real logical counter approach to the issue.  (The opponent sacrifices his knight.)  The final stand of the opponent is a difficult one.  Although he presents himself well, he is left with a mere frantic attempt to regain position with little weight of credibility or hope of possible gain (Checkmate).  The debate results in victory for the proposer.